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DBH Horizontal Slurry Pump

Presented by: Hevvy Pumps

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Horizontal Pump is a hard wearing, heavy duty, state of the art slurry pump that comes standard in high chrome and CD4 MCU. Designed for optimum efficiency, the DBH features a high efficiency impeller and flow stabilizing vanes on the suction to increase efficiency and reduce turbulence and resulting impeller wear. There are three series available in the DBH line: LH (Low head, averaging about 165 TDH), HH (High Head, averaging about 360 TDH) and MD (Mine dewatering – high head, averaging about 500 TDH). The DBH also features both a front and back pull-out design along with a heavy duty shaft with the added protection of a shaft sleeve that extends from impeller to seal. For ease of service, the DBH provides a patented impeller release mechanism and patented externally adjustable wear ring. Finally, the DBH design allows for the maximum range of sealing options which are easily interchanged on site without special modification. This is an innovative machine.

  • High Chrome and CD4 as standard
  • Capacities to 4500 Usgpm
  • Heads up to 570 Ft
  • Patented Impeller release mechanism
  • Patented externally adjustable wear ring
  • Increased wall thickness for additional wear availability
  • Increased efficiencies in state of the art slurry pump design
  • Front and back pull out design
  • Three series available (Low Head -’LH’, High Head -’HH’ &amp; Mine Dewatering -’MD’)

Montney Desanding

The DBH Horizontal Slurry Pump can be used in a variety of applications in the Montney. These pumps excel at moving liquids with high sand content. These pumps have a higher resistance to wear and abrasion than traditional pumps being used in the industry right now. The DBH Horizontal Slurry Pump is used for produced water and condensate with high sand content. The main uses are the following:

  • Sour Produced Water Pumps
  • Slurry Recycle Pumps
  • Slurry Fluidizing Pumps
DBH Horizontal Slurry Pump
DBH Horizontal Slurry Pump Brochure

Steven Adams