Q1. Why did you create Oilgaspages?

Oilgaspages Inc. ("Oilgaspages.com") was created to help engineers, buyers, field supervisors, and other professionals easily find products and services that cater to the oil and gas industry. The primary founder experienced difficulty finding companies located in rural areas since some of these companies are not well advertised and one may not even know they existed.

With companies spread across North America and a large amount of companies in more rural areas it's hard for people to find all the products and services that are available to them. Usually oil and gas professionals have to rely on word of mouth from peers or field construction personnel or operators and often limits the available options.

With a changing technology, we are able to evolve the outdated idea of a purely category based system into a smarter search engine. We were able to create a smart search engine that helps the user find what they are looking for. The search engine also learns from the users to help create a better user experience.

We continue to evolve Oilgaspages as we see a greater need to better connect the Oil & Gas Industry as a whole. Our goal is to expand and grow our site and add new features and tools to better help the industry connect and bring the community together.

Q2. Does my company need a website?

A. All companies should have a website. People now do most all of their research on the internet. We strongly recommend your company has a website but your company doesn't require a website to be listed on Oilgaspages.com.

These are our top 5 reasons for having a website:

Q3. How does our Oil & Gas Library work?

A. Our Oil & Gas Library was created to help people learn about the Oil & Gas Industry. We continue to add to our Oil & Gas Library. Our topics are focused on anything related to the Oil & Gas Industry with a variety of topics related to drilling, completions, facility, pipeline, electrical & instrumentation, civil, etc. These library topics can be found directly in our Oil & Gas Library. These topics also show up in our general search results as well.

Our library is open to the community and is free for people to use and free for companies to contribute to. Individuals or companies can add topics that they are experts in. Companies that contribute topics will get sponsorship for those topics. Library topics can easily be shared on social media. This is a great way for companies to do 'content marketing'.

Q4: How do I get my company listed on your site?

A: Click the 'LOGIN' button on the top right menu. Then select the 'Sign Up'. Once you add your company, you can change your company information, addresses, categories, etc.

We have different listing options depending on your company's needs. We want to have all companies listed on our site, therefore, we offer a 'Free Listing'. It's limited but your company will show up in the search results. For more information visit our website or contact us at info@oilgaspages.com.

Q5: My company is already listed?

A: Even if your company is already in our database, you must claim your company. We will review and approve your request to claim your listing. We aim to approve companies as quickly as possible. Any unclaimed companies get removed over time to maintain the integrity of our database.

Once you claim your account you are in control of your listing. You can update your company information to best reach and attract potential customers.

Q6: Why your company should be using videos?

A: Videos are becoming more important in an evolving digital world. As people's attention spans are becoming shorter it's harder to capture their attention. Videos are a great marketing tool and can portray a lot of information in a shorter period of time. Videos are also a great way to reach and engage your audience. They can also be easily shared on your website, our website (Oilgaspages.com), social media or via emails.

Here are some key stats:

Q7: How did you get into creating videos?

A: We created a video production group, Creative Energy Productions, that specializes in creating videos as we saw a lot of companies in Oil & Gas were still using brochures and pictures to market their companies. Videos capture people’s attention and you present a lot more information in a shorter period of time. This is important when trying to capture the attention of busy engineers and professionals in Oil & Gas.

Our vision is to help companies make videos they can share on social media, their website, emails, etc. In order for this to happen we aim to make video production cost effective and yet maintain a high quality.

Q8: What kinds of videos does Creative Energy Productions produce?

A: These videos include corporate videos, converting PowerPoint presentations into video, showcase videos, demo videos, training videos, Oil & Gas animated videos, time lapse videos, drone footage, and more!

Q9: What is Digital Marketing?

A: Digital Marketing is a general term used to describe marketing done through digital / electronic sources. This includes marketing done through search engines, websites, email, social media, mobile phones, and any other digital media. Businesses can use these online networks to connect with their customers.

As technology evolves along with how people use technology, digital marketing has become increasing important. People spend twice as much time online as they did a decade ago and this usage continues to grow. This means that companies must also spend more time focusing their marketing efforts online.

Common digital marketing tools include:
One of the big differences between digital marketing verse traditional marketing is that digital marketing allows analytical information to be collected and analyzed for each marketing campaign. This includes things like what is being viewed, how many times it was viewed over a period of time, how long it was viewed for, who was it viewed by, etc. Digital marketing also can accommodate more targeted marketing.

Oilgaspages.com is another great digital marketing platform. We help connect companies that supply products and services to the Oil & Gas Industry with potential clients. This allows more targeted marketing. Companies are able to utilize and upload their existing digital marketing material which can be accessed by our users. We also allow content marketing through features like our Oil & Gas Library. We also help companies create new digital marketing material through our video production group, Creative Energy Productions.

Q10: How do we manage all of our data?

A: We have a large amount of data to manage. It takes a lot of work to manage the data and keep it up to date. We are continuously improving our data management. We currently manage our data through multiple methods to keep it up to date and accurate:

Q11: Are there any hidden features?

A: We try to incorporate hidden features into our site to enhance our users experience.

Something that people won't normally notice is that your search influences what kind of news is shown. For example, if you search for "pipelines" the news located in our newsfeed will find and display current news articles focused on pipelines.

We plan on incorporating more fun little features as our site grows and expands. Lots of these little features may be so subtle that our users may not even notice them.

Q12: What is GIS?

GIS stands for geographic information system. It's is a system used to collect, store, modify, analyze and display all types of geographical data. The data can be spatial which means it's referenced to a location on earth and can be located on a map.

GIS is used to help make decisions related to business, resource management, environment, logistics, etc. Some of the main uses include accident analysis, urban planning, transportation planning, environmental impact analysis, agricultural, disaster management, land use, navigation, natural resource management, banking, surveying, tourism, emergency response planning, traffic monitoring, business and economic development and planning, etc.

GIS is used in the Oil & Gas industry. It helps with project planning, analysis and development. It's used in exploration to analysis and locate reservoirs, pipeline routing and construction, pipeline system planning, facility construction and planning, disposal well planning, etc.

Q13: What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the development and sharing of interesting, relevant, valuable and engaging information and content created for a targeted audience. This content is typically shared through digital media sources including social media, email, website, etc. The goal of content marketing is to establish your company as an expert with the goal of acquiring new customers and increasing business from existing customers.

Q14: How can Oilgaspages.com help you with your content marketing?

We allow companies to do free Content Marketing through our Oil & Gas Library. Our Oil & Gas Library is free for companies to add topics to and free for our users to access. Companies that contribute topics will get sponsorship for those topics which can easily be shared via social media. Library topics can be searched directly and will also show up in our regular search results for searches related to the topic.

Q15: How do we help new Technology in Oil & Gas?

New and innovative ideas are required for the continued success of the Oil & Gas Industry. As such, Oilgaspages Inc. is dedicated to helping support and promote innovative technology in Oil & Gas.

One of the ways we are helping support innovation is through our Oil & Gas Technology Showcase section located on our site (Oilgaspages.com/showcase). It's is a place where new and innovative technology, ideas or mythology can be promoted. Like our Oil & Gas Library, technology can be searched directly and will also show up in our regular search results for searches related to the topic.

Q16: What are some advantages of upgrading your account on Oilgaspages.com?

Here are some of the advantages: